DISCORD SERVER NOW OPEN - Come and join | talk, share ideas and know more about tiddyshop

DISCORD SERVER NOW OPEN - Come and join | talk, share ideas and know more about tiddyshop

Hello everyone! With our fast-growing customers and fanbase, we decided to create a place where we can reach out to our customers faster and much easier.
We now have discord server - now customers will receive a faster response from tiddyshop services! It also a great place to exchange advice, get updated to our latest news and products, meet people with same interest and leave a review to our product.

Our discord server implements some rules and regulation for everyone to follow, we think that it will keep the server clean and organize, this includes:
■ Be nice, treat others how you'd want to be treated
■ Follow discord TOS and Rules! This includes harassment, doxxing, or any other illegal/ToS breaking behavior on Discord.  
■ This server is English only. We do not have moderators to cover a large range of languages, so we ask all discussion to remain in English!
■ No harassment of other players or moderators. Any bigotry of any kind isn't tolerated.
■ No inappropriate language.
■ No impersonation of other users, moderators, administrators, or known figures.
■ No spamming of any chatroom.
■ Strictly no politics. Talking about serious issues involving government officials, political parties, religions, or geo-political disagreements is not allowed. 
■ No self-promotion, soliciting, or advertising in the server or in DMs

How to Join our Discord
Click on the link to join our discord server: https://discord.gg/NZSrxuQp

Our discord server is not limited to tiddyshop customers, members can invite friends and other people. If you have any more in-depth questions, you may contact us via our Contact Us page in the site menu, or on the discord. 

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