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TiddyToy ORIGINAL 33LB - The Largest, Most Heavenly, Longest Lasting Breast Toy

TiddyToy ORIGINAL 33LB - The Largest, Most Heavenly, Longest Lasting Breast Toy

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This is the ORIGINAL Edition, made to be firmer for people who need more pressure to nut. It's also extra durable and leaks barely any oil over time, at the cost of being less soft and wobbly than the EXTRA WOBBLES Edition. It's still plenty soft and wobbly though. Buy this edition if you want your tiddies to last a very long time, or if you need a little extra firmness to release.

Actual Sizes:


SIZE: 51cm x 36cm x 17cm/20in x 14in x 6.75in

WEIGHT: 33lb/15kg

This package includes:

  • 1 pair of huge tits 
  • 1 zippered blanket bag
  • 1 thick hiding blanket

Our tiddies come with a blanket and blanket bag for your convenience in storage. When you fold the breasts inside the blanket and place it inside the blanket bag, it will look like a normal blanket in your closet to visitors.



The price may look large, but tiddies of this size normally sell for $1400+, so be brave, my friend.

If you are a retail store or distributor, please contact us for our bulk pricing.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
brian morton

TiddyToy ORIGINAL 33LB - The Largest, Most Heavenly, Longest Lasting Breast Toy

Not What I Expected, but Pleasantly Surprised

I ordered the originals since I want to mainly use them as pillows, and I was not too sure how much oil would leak out. These are my first pair of breast toys.

Delivery and unboxing:

The package arrived a day earlier than expected, which caught me by surprise. The box was not too large and was wrapped very well with corner protectors. The discretion of the labels and the packaging inside were top notch. Pulling the tiddies out was a little bit frightening since I underestimated the weight, but it was easy to get used to knowing how to handle these after a bit. The clear bag and blanket were in good conditions and help hide these tiddies when trying to store them.

Condition of the tiddies:

Overall, the condition was great. There were no signs of damage anywhere that I could tell. I did accidently let one side slip when carrying them, but no visible tears could be found. I did notice that the paint used for the nipples was rubbing off. This was more noticeable on one side than the other. I also noticed that there was a bit of an oily feeling when fondling them after I removed the bag. I assume that this was due to them being in storage for a bit or the production process. The other thing that I noticed is that on the side of the tiddies where the material was injected or placed through seemed a bit thin and looked like blemishes. This might not be something that can be controlled due to the manufacturing process, but as long as they don’t pop, it should not be an issue.

After inspecting them, I placed them on a shower bench to rinse them off and apply some toy cleaner to get rid of the oily feeling. I noticed that the paint was faded more after rising and applying the cleaner. No cloth was used to during this process or to dry when this was noticed. I will assume that this was either a poorly applied paint job or something that happened in the production process. After they were dry and after applying corn starch, I checked the material and I did get that oily shine on my hands. I will also assume that this is just from the production process.

Overall rating:

So far I am liking these tiddies. I placed these in the pillowcase that I ordered for the tiddies and it does feel a bit firm when laying my head on them. This is not much of an issue since they are still fun to move around and play with to destress. Aside from the cosmetic or manufacturing details, these are a great toy/pillow. Do I regret buying these? No, I do not. Do I regret not getting the Extra Wobbles? Sort of. Will I get a pair of the Extra Wobbles? Yes, hopefully soon. For now, I am very happy with these.

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