Here we discuss how the product should be cleaned and cared for. For your own safety measures and longevity of the product, we suggest good products for cleaning and storing the TiddyToy, so it will be prolonged and stay in its current marshmallow condition.


Q: How do I clean it after use?

The easiest method, without having to take a trip to the bathroom with heavy wobbly breasts trying to fall out of your arms, is this: After patting (not wiping) with tissues or a non-abrasive cloth, apply a sex toy cleaner spray or foam to the affected area. You can find these products on amazon or other websites that sell items like this. Next, let it air dry. Then, if desired, sprinkle it with cornstarch to make it feel like real skin. Later, you can use it comfortably again.


Q: How to handle it during use/moving?

Please do not lift the breasts by grabbing a handful of the material, on the base or the breasts. This will damage them. Here are 3 other methods you can use to pick them up instead:

Method 1: put your arms under the base and push your chest against the tiddies, then pull yourself up with the breasts to get a good hold that won't damage the breasts. 

Method 2: roll the breasts onto the center of the white blanket that was supplied with them, then grab all 4 corners of the blanket and hold all of them, and carry it using the blanket as a bag. 

Method 3: fold the breasts back into the original blanket and zip it back into the original clear blanket bag. This will ensure the highest level of protection when moving your tiddies. 

Q:How to store it when not in use?

Make sure to keep the TiddyToy in the provided blanket and blanket bag. It is provided both to protect it and to hide it as just a normal blanket in your closet. If you lose or misplace either item or the breasts break the blanket bag (we're working on this problem), you may replace the blanket with another soft, non-abrasive WHITE one (cannot be any other color because the TPE material will absorb color from colored fabric over time) and then put it in a durable trash bag, or similar. Do not store it in a trash bag long term without having a blanket around the breasts, because the folds of the bag can start to make crease lines in the breasts over time. Also, TPE material seeps oil over time, and if you do not put it in a waterproof bag or box, it will leak oil on your clothes in the closet or whatever else is touching it (even indirectly through a thick blanket) over time. Make sure to store your TiddyToy breasts-side-up, in a position where there's no bad folds in the product. Long term storage in a folded position could make those folds show for a long time.