Q: Who pays customs fees and VAT taxes? 

If you are in the EU, we have a special shipping line that will ship our products via Express air to our warehouse in the EU which will take care of all customs fees and taxes (meaning you don't pay any of that), and then they are forwarded from within the EU directly to your door, meaning no customs issues at all for you. 

If you are not in the EU, customs completely depends on your country. We have not ever had any issues with customs in the US before (no customs fees or anything), but with Canada, for example, customs will contact the customer and you will need to pay somewhere around $25 USD in our past experience in order to receive your package. We only declare the cost of creating the product, not the shipping charge or profit, so customs fees are a lot lower than you may think.

If you are in a country not in the EU that commonly asks for customs fees, please look out for a call from customs. If you are not able to receive the call or etc from customs, they will return the package to us, and you will need to pay for reshipping it back to you, or receive a refund minus our cost for the original shipping cost (which is almost always over $200).

Q: How long will shipping take?

For the faster shipping option, almost always under or around 2 weeks. We can't make exact promises though, due to covid and the global shipping issues happening all the time.

For the slower shipping option, it usually takes around a month, but in rare cases it can be 2 months, and in extremely rare cases up to 3 months.

We try to get our products out the door within 2 business days, and they are handed off to a shipping forwarder. The shipping forwarders then ship it to another location, which then is handed off to the shipping company, who will provide us with the tracking number (so you will receive your tracking number a couple days after we ship it), and they will take it to your country. During the time that the shipping forwarder has the package, no tracking information is able to be provided during this part of the trip, but we can ask the shipping forwarder for the status for you if you contact us. The shipping company we use (after the shipping forwarder finishes) is selected by us between our options for the country you're in, and the cheapest and most reliable options with good delivery time. Usually it will be DHL, UPS, or FedEx, unless these options don't exist in your country. Once it reaches the shipping company, in our experience so far, the shipping has been quick, only up to a week. But, we can't promise this, as we have only shipped to a limited number of countries so far. 

Q: Why do I need to provide my phone number during checkout? 

This is only for if the shipping company or customs needs to contact you. We will not contact you via this number unless requested, and we will not share the number with anybody except for shipping.