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EXTRA WOBBLES TiddyToy 33LB - The Largest, Most Heavenly Wobbling Breast Toy

EXTRA WOBBLES TiddyToy 33LB - The Largest, Most Heavenly Wobbling Breast Toy

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This is the EXTRA WOBBLES Edition, made to be extra soft, extra jiggly and wobbly, at the cost of leaking a bit of oil over time and being less durable than the ORIGINAL Edition (discontinued). The material on this edition is engineered to provide you with the most Heavenly wobbles and jiggles of all time. Grabbing these breasts will make your hands orgasm. Stuffing your face in these fat tiddies can make you fall into tears from the Heavenly feeling. If you have a member, these tiddies bounce back so beautifully when you're fapping into it. Buy this edition if you want to experience the most amazing wobbles.

Actual Sizes:


SIZE: 51cm x 36cm x 17cm/20in x 14in x 6.75in

WEIGHT: 33lb/15kg

This package includes:

  • 1 pair of huge tits¬†
  • 1 zippered blanket bag
  • 1 thick hiding blanket

Our tiddies come with a blanket and blanket bag for your convenience in storage. When you fold the breasts inside the blanket and place it inside the blanket bag, it will look like a normal blanket in your closet to visitors.



Tiddies are shipped from overseas, and with the faster shipping option, it can take 7-35 days for delivery, but 98% of our orders are delivered in 2 weeks or less. 

The price may look large, but tiddies of this size normally sell for $1400+, so be brave, my friend.

If you are a retail store or distributor, please contact us for our bulk pricing.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I didn’t expect the delivery to go flawless but after opening the package I noticed the product was just shoved into the box. The left nipple has already lost quite a bit of color which was stuck to the blanket and smeared across the boob, I would’ve taken it with no color rather than that. The pillowcase is flexible but I believe the zipper is a questionable choice because putting it on and off is difficult already due to the TPE being a bit sticky and I fear of damaging the material at the bottom with the zipper if I keep putting it on and off. The TPE has quite a heavy smell to it too, any advice on how to make it smell less would be nice. That being said, I tried it out and it made me nut instantly as promised. Great toy!

Hello! I'm gathering information and will email you asap with instructions on how to recolor the nipple. I know that simply rubbing mineral/baby/etc oil on the breasts will remove the color, but I'm asking our factory what method they use to color it with for you. We've never had a copy of our toys that had its color smeared, but we're going to figure this out.

As for the TPE smell, this is normal with all TPE, and the scent will dissipate over time. The only reason that most TPE products have less scent when you receive them is because most products are stored for a long time on warehouse shelves before shipping out to customers. Ours are shipped out pretty soon after production though.

And for the problems with the pillow case, you said the material is sticky, but this can be fixed by sprinkling corn starch on the breasts, which will sop up the oil and make it feel more like real skin, which will be easier to slide into the pillow case. I highly recommend a corn starch rub before putting the tits into the pillow case.


I gotta tell ya. It was perfect. Perfect! Everything! Down to the last minute details!
Super soft. Feels better than how I imagined it. As a breast and anime lover this is %100 what I was looking for. Let your fantasies take over while using these boobs! Money well spent !

Cant Stop

The only reason I gave this thing a 4 star was because the shipping box said TPE Pillow and had the brand name on the box so it wasn’t as discreet as i thought. Other than that i have not been able to keep my wiener out from between them.

Thanks for the feedback! We've gone ahead and spoke with our shipping warehouse so that future shipments will be more discreet. By the way, TPE pillow actually means nothing to most people, but to some it would mean the brand 'Purple Pillow' (which is a totally normal bed brand that makes their pillows and mattresses with TPE). Only people who know a lot about sex dolls would know what else TPE Pillow could mean, so we thought it would be okay. But thanks to your feedback we've updated it to 'large gel infused pillow' which would give the idea of a gel infused memory foam pillow to most people.

Feels like heaven

It feels like a quality product with a perfect balance of comfort as a pillow, with enough maneuverability to use the cleavage for release. It makes me curious about comparing the experience with some the other products that they have available. Very satisfied customer.

epic pillow, hubby says epic sex

I use as a pillow and stress ball and i love it. my husband of course loves to f it too. but for me just a great pillow

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