Collection: Mini Sex Dolls

Our Collection of Tiddy Toys and Mini Sex Dolls

Big Boobs Doll

Our big-boob doll are realistic and have a lifelike feel to them. These sex dolls have just the right curves that are always prepared to pleasure you at any time of day. If you've ever wanted to have sex with a female with huge boobs, our big tiddy dolls are the way to go.

Adult Toy Doll

Adult toy dolls are our specialty its curves are perfection. Our toys have soft chests that give you a genuine realistic sensation in your body, just like the sensation of a woman's chest. With these adult toy dolls, you can satisfy your desire in any which way you want. Tiddy fucking / paizuri with our dolls is sure to feel fulfilling and close to the real deal. These toy dolls allow you to enjoy amazing sex whenever and wherever you want without having to wait on anyone.

Mini TPE Doll

If you are looking for an intimate sex doll, then our mini TPE dolls are perfect for you. These mini sex dolls have a sexy, curvy body with which you can enjoy in every sexual position imaginable. She comes with a stomach waiting to be filled with your cum. We provide realistic mini sex dolls in a variety of sizes. Our high quality TPE sex dolls are so flexible that they won't break them even if you wrap their legs behind their head. With super cute faces and a gorgeous body to give you sexual pleasure for every fantasy, they are highly affordable, lightweight, easy to store, and made with high-quality materials.

Huge Ass Sex Doll

Do you want to play and enjoy sex with a huge plump ass? If that's your kink, then we have the perfect huge ass sex dolls for you to play with. These amazing dolls have a voluptuous and soft ass. The big ass sex dolls are especially made for booty lovers. You can spend hours playing with these dolls and have all the heavenly experiences with them.

Fat Sex Dolls

Have you ever fantasized about having sex with chubby girls? To fulfill your dream, we have fat sex dolls for you. They have round large breasts, a big ass and are very soft. Their breasts and ass will start to jiggle when you begin your sexual penetration, which is quite an enjoyable sight to behold. You can reach climax whenever and wherever you want with these curvy dolls.

Silicone Sexual Doll

At the Tiddy Shop, you will find the ideal mini sex doll according to your requirements. We have a silicone sexual doll that will fulfill your desires. These silicone sexual dolls are available in various colors and are easy to move around and climax into wherever you’d like.

Huge Tits Doll    

Huge tits dolls are the most appealing type of sex doll due to their full and voluptuous round jiggling boobs. These huge tits sex dolls are designed for men who enjoy sucking, fucking and playing with women's voluptuous boobs. The majority of men prefer sex with large titty sex dolls that resemble busty ladies. We are offering a wide variety of love dolls with huge tits to satisfy your sexual needs.

At Tiddy Shop, we care about your preferences and provide you with sex doll toys at an affordable price and impeccable customer service.